Below you will find some default questions and answers to help get you started.

Guest user Listing vs. Registerd user Post

Guest user or Anonymous classified listing?

  • One time listing or post
  • Members who post infrequently or occasionally
  • Quick classified listing
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Registered user?

  • Regularly posts classified Ads.
  • Members who post frequently.
  • User who have a eStore on NetVillage.
  • For more information about a eStore, please see the eStore topic in the Help.
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Is there a cost to registering on NetVillage?

There's no cost to registration on NetVillage.

How much does it cost for sellers to place listings?

Is this site secure?

Yes. Your transactions are protected by the latest encryption technology.

How do I find what I'm looking for?

You have several options:

  • We offer a "quick search" bar at the top of our pages for you to enter keywords and categories to search.
  • We offer an Advanced Search page for you to refine your search criteria.
  • If you already know what you are looking for you can browse the categories listed on the left side of the site's pages.

Communicate with buyers and sellers

We provide buyers with the ability to contact the seller through a form that is accessible on each of the seller's listing pages. The seller will then be notified by email of the buyer's questions and the seller can either reply by email or log in to their account and reply through our onsite messaging system. The seller can choose to keep their email address anonymous.

Handling payments and shipping

The services on NetVillage are local and community based therefore we do not subscribe to any payment or shipping systems.

What is a eStore?

eStore is a Ecommerce solution built within NetVillage classifieds. You could look at it like a store within a store. A mini store for the perspective entrepreneur to showcase their ideas and or services.

NetVillage & eStore is a community based system therefore service will be offered for free.

How to access and setup my own eStore

In order to setup a eStore you'll need to register on Netvillage. After a successful registration please follow the menus that appear under your account to setup the eStore.